Dangerous Flue Terminations Can Kill

We professional Chimney Sweeps are still encountering numerous situations where incorrect flue terminals/ chimney cowls and chimney pots have been fitted above working chimneys. There is general confusion amongst roofers, builders and the DIY trade about what is acceptable for gas fire appliances, solid fuel or oil appliances that use chimneys.

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Bees in Chimneys

Bee Removal from Chimneys (Extermination Method) Chimney sweeps will often come across bees that have taken up residence in a chimney and the most common method of removal is to destroy them with an insecticide fumer smoke bomb. If this drastic course of action is taken it is necessary to…
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Respiratory Protection

Welcome to our second NACS safety Bulletin. I chose respiratory protection as my second safety Bulletin topic because it is so important. I have noticed on my travels that it is one of the safety precautions that some chimney sweeps and stove installers do not pay proper attention to, especially some of the smokers.

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