Code of Conduct

01 The objectives of a Chimney Sweep is to serve the public politely, reliably and efficiently and so uphold the dignity of the Association

02 A Member of the Association is expected to operate with cleanliness and conform to the NACS Code of Practice (see back of NACS Certificate)

03 Members must hold Public Liability insurance cover, for a minimum of £2M (best practice is to have £5M)

04 A Chimney Sweep should be trained in the profession and the public is entitled to ask for references

05 In the event of any dispute between a Member of the public and a Member of the Association, the disciplinary procedure of the Association, as agreed in April 1994, shall be adhered to

06 Members of the Association should use the identity card provided by the Association

07 NACS logo stickers should be used on vehicles advertising membership, where applicable

08 The public will be advised of the necessity for regular chimney sweeping and will be invited to ask for a list of Members

09 Members must use the NACS Certificate of Chimney Sweeping on completion of a sweeping contract

10 At all times, Members will be expected to be loyal to the aims and objectives of the Association

11 Members shall not form a franchise operation or similar scheme

12 Members shall not be members of other chimney sweeping organisations, establishments or companies that may cause a conflict or threat to the interests of the NACS

13 Members are bound by the rules and regulations of membership of the Association which are contained in the Articles of Association of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps Limited, a copy of which is available on request

14 On ceasing to be a Member of the Association, Members must return their identity cards and remove all references on stationery, premises, vehicles etc to the Association, the words NACS and its logo. Any future use of the name of the Association or any of its logos is strictly prohibited